OUR National Anthem
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Posted by geokaz (3235 days ago)
This storyteller is so historically misinformed, its ridiculous. This was not during the Revolution, but the War of 1812. We were NOT the "colonies", but the Untied States of America. It was Ft, McHenry, not Ft. Henry. There were 19 British ships, not "the entire British fleet".
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Posted by carolannzimm (3264 days ago)
we have lived in baltimore and attend the sept event of the reinactment of this..it is amazing every time i see it
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Posted by racerx922 (3321 days ago)
brought a tear to my eye.GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!
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Posted by Richard777 (3476 days ago)
This is an incredible testament given to the dedication of the American people in protecting the values of this country. This video ought to be shown in every public school.
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Posted by Seans (3476 days ago)
This is exactly how it happend http://www.usflag.org/history/francisscottkey.html
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Posted by nsxtech (3505 days ago)
A great video. Thank you. Thank you forefathers.
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Posted by AtlasShrugged09 (3549 days ago)
Thanks for a beautiful and moving tribute to our great nation! The fight continues with the same fervor that was evidenced so long ago!
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Posted by wcwayland (3559 days ago)
well bobeagle, what are you even talking about, how should the story of the national anthem be told, by the slave from the plantation? the white american is who carved out the nation both politically and militarily. but other than once again throwing race into the issue i agree this country is for everybody, but thats how it happened, you cant rewrite history so its a fairy tale, it is what is it, you just want to put a positive spin on history so you can feel good about yourself
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Posted by bobeagle (3566 days ago)
Again, we have history somewhat distorted and viewed only from the perspective of white americans...We have images of the great flag, the eagle, and white americans. History has never been correctly published; there were others present; not just white americans but all americans continue to bear the proud heritage of our country and flag. It is not just this war but every war which bear the marks of our great nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL (Americans)!
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Posted by moonrunner444 (3576 days ago)
Come on Beritenor, get a life! They may have gotten the location and war wrong, but the general idea behind the video is still the main point. What our founding fathers went through to make this country the greatest on earth is an accomplishment that will never be repeated again. And the video is even more important today, as a reminder of what made us great, to what the enemies of this country-foreign and domestic-are trying to do to turn this proud nation into a weak and third rate nobody. America needs to stand together and fight for what made us who we are.
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Posted by patrams (3593 days ago)
This is a beautiful rending of the story of our National Anthem & one we need to ponder on at this time in our country.
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Posted by baritenor (3601 days ago)
This is the worst example of distorted history I have ever run across! The creator of this story has obviously never searched for truth, which is easily found. The bulk of this is pure BULL!! Try this site for the facts: http://www.usflag.org/francis.scott.key.html
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Posted by carolynwalker1 (3620 days ago)
how do I download this video?
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Posted by Dusty (3628 days ago)
What a wonderful reminder of our heritage! Our country is under attack from inside and out. It reminds us to stand up for the right things and oppose those that would cause us harm.
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Posted by bleininger15 (3677 days ago)
Good call on the War of 1812, but it was the British fleet that attacked the fort.
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Posted by rltoyn (3679 days ago)
re: our National Anthem: The war was not the revolution it was the war of 1812. It was not the British that were involved, but the French. If you correct those two glaring errors, the film will be more credible. Thank You.
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Posted by savage370 (3684 days ago)
Send this to President Obama and the Bank executives. They can take our money but they will never take our spirit or our country.
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Posted by Rohdewarrior (3686 days ago)
This is a great story. Who documented all this (especially the dialogue)? Are there any sources cited? If so, someone should update Wikipedia.
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Posted by starsandbars33 (3757 days ago)
I am a physician and soldier. I would consider it the greatest of honors if by some chance my coffin was draped with that great flag and my death meant that in some way the dignity and honor of this country was preserved. Awesome
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Posted by MaryMargaret (3856 days ago)
Thank you very much. You should warn viewers to get out the hankies. Thanks a bunch.
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Posted by Addie (3933 days ago)
Its a shame that so many in this country don t care about all of the sacrafices our fore fathers t ensure our freedom. God Bless all that have given their lives to keep our wonderful country and its people free!! Addie
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Posted by surg (3934 days ago)
Dear ASM_113. We were aware of the minor mistakes when the video was placed on the site. History does support the fact that the flag was held in place by the bodies of patriots who gave their lives to keep it flying.
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Posted by ASM_113 (3934 days ago)
The production and the storytelling are wonderful. I was distracted though by some basic factual mistakes. It was the War of 1812, so we were not colonies, we were a proud new country more than 30 years old. And it was Fort McHenry, not Fort Henry.
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Posted by mjcarskadon (3934 days ago)
This is so amazing. I would like to know if this could be used on Washington State Christian Heritage Week website and also shown in promotions. It is time America Blessed God! We own our Heritage
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Posted by dabigkat0331 (3936 days ago)
Brings new meaning to the term "selflessness". God Bless This Great Country!
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Posted by jkucz (3936 days ago)
God bless them all and God bless America!
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Posted by jim.rupert (3938 days ago)
What these men did makes the 26 1/2 years I served in the Army seem like a cake walk....HOOOAHHH !!!
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Posted by nestacal (3938 days ago)
Francis Scott Keys was a brave and holy man! You notice that he did not pick up a gun! The men all prayed! There is something spectacular about this video!
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Posted by U.S.pride (3939 days ago)
WOW! You realize how great our country is.
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Posted by mawzy28 (3940 days ago)
I am very PROUD to be associated with FootySites.com and to have a great friend and associate who put this video together. Also to ED OWEN, for who made this video possible. Everyone should STAND UP and be PROUD that our fathers had the courage to take on this value. We need those in D.C. to take notice and watch this video as well. Maybe they would learn something about our great nation.... the U.S.A.
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Posted by JASUAY (3940 days ago)
FABULOUS VIDEO! A Special THANK YOU to Mr. ED OWEN for writing and telling this important piece of American history. And to Bob Surgenor for putting the video piece together for ALL to see. Thank you and may GOD BLESS AMERICA!
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Posted by gungrunt (3941 days ago)
This video makes you realize how incredibly sacred that precious piece of cloth really is!
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Posted by swatbidder (3941 days ago)
Just Beautiful!!!!! Semper Fi
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A MUST SEE video! We guarantee that after you watch this video you will NEVER take our National Anthem for granted again. This video is dedicated to every person who serves in our military and safety forces and who continue to keep us safe and FREE. From all of us at FootySites.com we wish all of you a very happy Independence Day!
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