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Iraq Army Bootcamp training video.
Added: 3896 days ago by JASUAY
Runtime: 242.00
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F16 Live Fire Exercise
F16 drops GBU 12 in a live fire exercise on Pol E Khomri range in Afghanistan. Dutch military
Added: 3864 days ago by firefighter1638
Runtime: 477.63
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Special Boat 22 training in HOT extraction methods put to music.
Added: 3968 days ago by JASUAY
Runtime: 109.00
Views: 13527 | Comments: 1
Humvee motor vehicle operators course
Afghanistan bound Marines drive a Humvee over the obstacles in the Advanced Motor Vehicle Operators Course in the CENTRAL TRAINING AREA Okinawa
Added: 3900 days ago by SHARK
Runtime: 104.00
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M249 SAW training
Gun instructor explains the M249 to troops. It is a 5.56mm Squad Automatic Weapon which fires up to 1000 rounds per minute up to 1000 meters.
Added: 3617 days ago by gungrunt
Runtime: 91.53
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Muslim beheading
EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!!! Muslim extremist children are trained to behead human beings in this training video. This is what they will do to our soldiers if we don't kill them first!
Added: 3255 days ago by Tanker
Runtime: 191.74
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Training in Canada
This music video was sent to us by Brent Shewan serving in the Canadian military. Very well done.
Added: 4023 days ago by surg
Runtime: 205.00
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