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Bad Quality Control Item
Maybe Darwin was onto something after all.
Added: 3717 days ago by jliv
Runtime: 23.00
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Captured insurgents
Marines come under fire by insurgents with RPGs and return fire along with air support. Our soldiers were eventually able to smoke out the terrorists from their stronghold and take them prisoner. The insurgents look good with bags over their heads.
Added: 3591 days ago by 50cal
Runtime: 229.00
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A terrorist detonates himself and takes out other Iraqis at a check point. Luckily the Hummer pulls away before it goes off. Watch the one soldier run during the blast. NO SOUND AVAILABLE
Added: 3880 days ago by JASUAY
Runtime: 44.00
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Die Terrorist Die
EXTREME LANGUAGE WARNING Who's who in the world of terrorism. Luckily a lot of these guys have already gone to meet Allah. Good Riddance.
Added: 3803 days ago by jliv
Runtime: 210.79
Views: 10395 | Comments: 1
KC130 Gunship
Great video of a KC130 gunship taking out an entire Iraqi village full of terrorists.
Added: 3958 days ago by frqntflyr
Runtime: 585.89
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Marines finish wounded terrorist
This insurgent was caught trying to plant an IED and was met with a hail of M16 and M249 fire from a squad of US Marines.
Added: 3909 days ago by abnranger375
Runtime: 26.00
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Muslim beheading
EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!!! Muslim extremist children are trained to behead human beings in this training video. This is what they will do to our soldiers if we don't kill them first!
Added: 3201 days ago by Tanker
Runtime: 191.74
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Outpost Falcon
Searching for terrorists and taking them out from a lookout post. Nice 50 cal.
Added: 3835 days ago by JASUAY
Runtime: 397.00
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Sadr City night fight
US and Iraqi Special Operations Forces conduct a combat operation inside Sadr city Baghdad in order to capture known insurgents and terrorists. The operation was conducted in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Video by SSG Ryan C. Creel.
Added: 3655 days ago by locknload
Runtime: 135.07
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Short Circuit doing the job.
GRAPHIC FOOTAGE. Suicide bombers in a car packed with explosives fail at their attempt to blow up a coalition force vehicle. They are pinned in the vehicle unable to escape. US soldiers send out a robot equipped with a video camera and explosives. Helpful US soldiers assisted the terrorists in the completion of at least part of their mission. Check out the amount of explosives recovered from his vehicle at the end.
Added: 3839 days ago by 50cal
Runtime: 255.00
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Silent but deadly
These Iraqi terrorists had no idea they were in the crosshairs until it was too late. There was no place to hide even under the truck.
Added: 3969 days ago by gungrunt
Runtime: 213.00
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Stupid terrorist
This moronic Iraqi terrorist decided to run out into the middle of the street with his rocket to fire at Allied troops. Not a smart thing to do when a Marine sniper is nearby!
Added: 3966 days ago by surg
Runtime: 15.00
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Terrorist Video Footage
FOOTAGE RECORDED BY TERRORISTS. Insurgents blow off two IEDs on coalition forces while hiding and taping the action. No friendly forces sustained injury and were able to locate the bombers after everything was clear. The terrorists were killed with 50 caliber rounds. Notice the visual markers used to identify the location of the IEDs. Terrorists video was recovered along with the remains of the attackers.
Added: 3833 days ago by gungrunt
Runtime: 529.96
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Trailer Platoon
A trailer platoon searches and clears homes of suspected terrorist.
Added: 3741 days ago by jliv
Runtime: 157.17
Views: 12436 | Comments: 2