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Spoof by soldiers...funny.
Added: 3933 days ago by JASUAY
Runtime: 213.00
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Ambushed convoy
This VIP convoy was ambushed in Iraq with multiple Improvised Explosive Devices while one of the soldiers had his video camera running. Fortunately these soldiers survived and headed back to the base.
Added: 3996 days ago by 50cal
Runtime: 123.00
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Ammo dump attack
This Marine decided to videotape an air strike on an Iraqi ammunitions base. The shock waves from the explosions actually knocked the soldiers off their feet. The Marine had to put a second tape in his camera to catch all of the spectacular action.
Added: 3996 days ago by 50cal
Runtime: 539.00
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US soldiers involved in AT-4 firefight.
Added: 3487 days ago by gungrunt
Runtime: 50.65
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Blackhawk blast
This is footage shot by soldiers in Iraq of a US Army MH 60K Blackhawk Gunship shooting its M 134D gatling gun.
Added: 4023 days ago by surg
Runtime: 57.00
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Captured insurgents
Marines come under fire by insurgents with RPGs and return fire along with air support. Our soldiers were eventually able to smoke out the terrorists from their stronghold and take them prisoner. The insurgents look good with bags over their heads.
Added: 3645 days ago by 50cal
Runtime: 229.00
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Fallujah house to house combat
Soldiers fire at insurgents in house to house fighting in Fallujah in early November. Footage shot by one of our soldiers. It gives a good idea of what urban combat is like in Iraq. The RPG got them!
Added: 3993 days ago by 50cal
Runtime: 199.00
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FootyGI Music Video
I used pictures from the footygi website to make a tribute to the soldiers through a music video. I hope you like it.
Added: 3787 days ago by U.S.pride
Runtime: 240.00
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God Bless the USA
The United States of America thanks the ones who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Added: 3558 days ago by firefighter1638
Runtime: 191.00
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Grenade attack on US Convoy
Cowardly insurgent throws grenade from moving car at US Soldiers. Completely ineffective.
Added: 3789 days ago by jliv
Runtime: 53.00
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Heart Stopper
US soldiers amuse themselves at the expense of two unsuspecting comrades. These guys are rolling down a Baghdad road when a fake grenade is thrown into the lap of the Buffalo arm operator. Notice how fast the driver gets to the rear of the vehicle.
Added: 3891 days ago by bunkerdown
Runtime: 19.60
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IED explosion while on patrol
Soldiers on patrol are hit with a powerful IED explosion.
Added: 3963 days ago by abnranger375
Runtime: 80.90
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Iraqi Elections
This is what our soldiers are sacrificing for. The right of Iraqis to participate in the part of government we all take for granted - free elections. If watching this video doesnt make you proud of our military you have no heart!
Added: 3996 days ago by 50cal
Runtime: 191.00
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Music video put together by soldiers stationed in Kosovo. Very well done.
Added: 3891 days ago by surg
Runtime: 155.00
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Loves the Army!
Austin Asher is a good friend of mine. With a passion for the military he was forced to retire at 60 years of age but he misses his fellow soldiers and is fighting to get back into the Army. He also has four children presently serving in the US military. This is a real military family!
Added: 3988 days ago by surg
Runtime: 123.42
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Mexican Army vs Cartel gun men
Mexican Army soldiers Vs Gulf Cartel gun men in Michoacan
Added: 3737 days ago by SHARK
Runtime: 123.72
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Muslim beheading
EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!!! Muslim extremist children are trained to behead human beings in this training video. This is what they will do to our soldiers if we don't kill them first!
Added: 3255 days ago by Tanker
Runtime: 191.74
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One great patriot!
This is a news clip from the ABC Evening News about a man who deserves a medal for the way he treats our soldiers.
Added: 4023 days ago by gungrunt
Runtime: 182.00
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Short Circuit doing the job.
GRAPHIC FOOTAGE. Suicide bombers in a car packed with explosives fail at their attempt to blow up a coalition force vehicle. They are pinned in the vehicle unable to escape. US soldiers send out a robot equipped with a video camera and explosives. Helpful US soldiers assisted the terrorists in the completion of at least part of their mission. Check out the amount of explosives recovered from his vehicle at the end.
Added: 3893 days ago by 50cal
Runtime: 255.00
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The other use for the M67 frag grenade
Soldiers blow off somt steam...and something up.
Added: 3963 days ago by abnranger375
Runtime: 26.00
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