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American Dream
A 9/11 tribute song to our men and women in uniform honoring their courage and commitment for keeping our nation safe. Song and video by singer-songwriter Joe Colledge.
Added: 3741 days ago by joecolledge
Runtime: 296.00
Views: 28984 | Comments: 1
F-14 Tomcat
F-14 Tomcat jet.
Added: 3796 days ago by U.S.pride
Runtime: 262.50
Views: 26093 | Comments: 2
F16 Live Fire Exercise
F16 drops GBU 12 in a live fire exercise on Pol E Khomri range in Afghanistan. Dutch military
Added: 3864 days ago by firefighter1638
Runtime: 477.63
Views: 9965 | Comments: 0
Go Vets!
It took a US military veteran to do what should have been done! Thumbs up to this guy!
Added: 3506 days ago by gungrunt
Runtime: 114.00
Views: 11900 | Comments: 1
Helo Thunder
This is a music video about military helicopters put to the music of AC-DC. Well done.
Added: 3987 days ago by frqntflyr
Runtime: 295.00
Views: 18807 | Comments: 2
How to drive a Hummer in Iraq
This video shot from a military vehicle in Baghdad shows what happens if you dont get out of the way. Who needs sirens?
Added: 4023 days ago by surg
Runtime: 159.00
Views: 16921 | Comments: 0
In Flanders Fields - new music video
Please thank a veteran and remember our warriors honourably.
Added: 3685 days ago by wilbondo
Runtime: 125.89
Views: 21776 | Comments: 1
In Honor Of
Trace Adkins performs at the Country Music Awards honoring our military heroes. Great video.
Added: 3519 days ago by surg
Runtime: 303.17
Views: 16993 | Comments: 1
Iraqi Elections
This is what our soldiers are sacrificing for. The right of Iraqis to participate in the part of government we all take for granted - free elections. If watching this video doesnt make you proud of our military you have no heart!
Added: 3996 days ago by 50cal
Runtime: 191.00
Views: 12037 | Comments: 0
Military fire power... Helo style
Added: 3836 days ago by JASUAY
Runtime: 115.00
Views: 13029 | Comments: 0
Loves the Army!
Austin Asher is a good friend of mine. With a passion for the military he was forced to retire at 60 years of age but he misses his fellow soldiers and is fighting to get back into the Army. He also has four children presently serving in the US military. This is a real military family!
Added: 3988 days ago by surg
Runtime: 123.42
Views: 13446 | Comments: 0
Memorial Day Tribute
In memory of all of those who have given their lives to assure our freedom.
Added: 3489 days ago by surg
Runtime: 155.76
Views: 20338 | Comments: 0
Military Discipline
Cpt Wedley deals out discipline. Funny.
Added: 3127 days ago by gungrunt
Runtime: 229.04
Views: 16191 | Comments: 1
Military skeet
How real men shoot skeet
Added: 3303 days ago by 1stCavalry
Runtime: 47.00
Views: 15852 | Comments: 0
Military Police patrol the streets in Iraq. A motorcyclist gets arrested and the bike is seized. Either the bike was stolen or his friend Sadam gave it to him.
Added: 3924 days ago by mawzy28
Runtime: 681.00
Views: 9505 | Comments: 0
OUR National Anthem
A MUST SEE video! We guarantee that after you watch this video you will NEVER take our National Anthem for granted again. This video is dedicated to every person who serves in our military and safety forces and who continue to keep us safe and FREE. From all of us at we wish all of you a very happy Independence Day!
Added: 3813 days ago by surg
Runtime: 738.27
Views: 167051 | Comments: 33
In honor of our veterans I am posting this video written and performed by Iraqi war veteran Eric Keller. God bless our military!
Added: 2952 days ago by surg
Runtime: 218.15
Views: 18173 | Comments: 0
Without saying a word these two former military men say everything about our veterans.
Added: 3672 days ago by USAM
Runtime: 690.09
Views: 18948 | Comments: 0
Selfless Sacrifice
The second in a series of songs written by Eric Keller being promoted by FootyGI. Selfless Sacrifice addresses the extremely emotional issue of our fighting men and women who give their lives defending our freedom. Sung by Brendan Smith. Visit Eric's web site at
Added: 3844 days ago by surg
Runtime: 297.03
Views: 30981 | Comments: 3
Training in Canada
This music video was sent to us by Brent Shewan serving in the Canadian military. Very well done.
Added: 4023 days ago by surg
Runtime: 205.00
Views: 16266 | Comments: 0
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