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This song was written and played by an Iraq veteran Eric Keller with vocals sung by Brendan Smith. Their band is called My One Way Out. It conveys the wish of every fighting man and woman to return home safely to their spouses and families. Please pray for our troops in harms way that they too will return home alive and well. Visit Eric's web site at
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Selfless Sacrifice
The second in a series of songs written by Eric Keller being promoted by FootyGI. Selfless Sacrifice addresses the extremely emotional issue of our fighting men and women who give their lives defending our freedom. Sung by Brendan Smith. Visit Eric's web site at
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Sweeping the city
One of our guys videotaped our 1st Battalion 9th Cavalry 1st Division working with Iraqi forces in Talil Square Haifa Street Baghdad Iraq. Narration is by Specialist Travis Smith and 1st Lieutenant Ben Boyette of the US Army.
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