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130th Engineer Brigade in Iraq
The Army's 130th ENG don't just wage war. They built as much as they destroyed and served the region in so many more ways.
Added: 3778 days ago by jliv
Runtime: 942.69
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24th MEU
Hats off to Marine Cpl. Alexander Whitney of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit who composed this music video with footage and pictures shot by his own unit. These guys are tough. Watch the response of the Iraqis who were freed from Saddam Hussein by this group. This is what a soldier can do with some video editing software!
Added: 3962 days ago by 50cal
Runtime: 228.00
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30 MM Splatter
After this war bird fires its 30mm cannons there is not much left of the Iraqi insurgents but maybe a little fertilizer.
Added: 3999 days ago by surg
Runtime: 12.00
Views: 23383 | Comments: 1
Abrams view
Here is what it looks like from the turret of an Abrams tank as we moved into Samarra Iraq. Insurgents have no chance against our 50 cal.
Added: 3657 days ago by Tanker
Runtime: 87.11
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Ambushed convoy
This VIP convoy was ambushed in Iraq with multiple Improvised Explosive Devices while one of the soldiers had his video camera running. Fortunately these soldiers survived and headed back to the base.
Added: 3972 days ago by 50cal
Runtime: 123.00
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Ammo dump attack
This Marine decided to videotape an air strike on an Iraqi ammunitions base. The shock waves from the explosions actually knocked the soldiers off their feet. The Marine had to put a second tape in his camera to catch all of the spectacular action.
Added: 3972 days ago by 50cal
Runtime: 539.00
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Blackhawk blast
This is footage shot by soldiers in Iraq of a US Army MH 60K Blackhawk Gunship shooting its M 134D gatling gun.
Added: 3999 days ago by surg
Runtime: 57.00
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Iraq Army Bootcamp training video.
Added: 3871 days ago by JASUAY
Runtime: 242.00
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A terrorist detonates himself and takes out other Iraqis at a check point. Luckily the Hummer pulls away before it goes off. Watch the one soldier run during the blast. NO SOUND AVAILABLE
Added: 3909 days ago by JASUAY
Runtime: 44.00
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Chopper strike
Video of choppers taking off from an air strip in southern Iraq headed for a strike near Amara.
Added: 3676 days ago by frqntflyr
Runtime: 42.50
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Defenders of Freedom
THANK YOU to those who serve!!!!!!
Added: 3767 days ago by U.S.pride
Runtime: 170.00
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Direct Hit
STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING. Marines from the Lima Company 3rd Bn 25th engage in a firefight with insurgents in Cykla Iraq in a building a block away. After calling for some support the bombs are on the way.
Added: 3675 days ago by locknload
Runtime: 149.08
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Explosive Ordinance Disposal
One of our units disposing of thousands of pounds of captured Iraqi weapons. As you can see it usually draws a big crowd.
Added: 3661 days ago by EODguy
Runtime: 289.00
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Fallujah house to house combat
Soldiers fire at insurgents in house to house fighting in Fallujah in early November. Footage shot by one of our soldiers. It gives a good idea of what urban combat is like in Iraq. The RPG got them!
Added: 3969 days ago by 50cal
Runtime: 199.00
Views: 15415 | Comments: 1
Fire from the sky
STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING. These marines were pinned down by Iraqi insurgents in a building and they radioed for an air strike. One of the marines borrows his buddys video camera to tape the destruction.
Added: 3999 days ago by gungrunt
Runtime: 59.00
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Fire from the sky
Some of my unit was pinned down near Ar Ramadi and called for air support. The boys were almost too close to the action.
Added: 3682 days ago by messdaddy
Runtime: 38.53
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Like in Iraq or Afganistan when one member goes down another is there to help him to safety. Everyone should learn this lesson. GOD BLESS YOU ALL WHO ARE SAVING OUR BUTTS AT HOME!
Added: 3570 days ago by mawzy28
Runtime: 52.00
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How to drive a Hummer in Iraq
This video shot from a military vehicle in Baghdad shows what happens if you dont get out of the way. Who needs sirens?
Added: 3999 days ago by surg
Runtime: 159.00
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Roadside attack...
Added: 3909 days ago by JASUAY
Runtime: 42.00
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Iraqi Elections
This is what our soldiers are sacrificing for. The right of Iraqis to participate in the part of government we all take for granted - free elections. If watching this video doesnt make you proud of our military you have no heart!
Added: 3972 days ago by 50cal
Runtime: 191.00
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