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American Dream
A 9/11 tribute song to our men and women in uniform honoring their courage and commitment for keeping our nation safe. Song and video by singer-songwriter Joe Colledge.
Added: 3741 days ago by joecolledge
Runtime: 296.00
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American Heroes
Nicely done video of our troops on the battle field.
Added: 3857 days ago by jliv
Runtime: 275.00
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Defenders of Freedom
THANK YOU to those who serve!!!!!!
Added: 3791 days ago by U.S.pride
Runtime: 170.00
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Go Vets!
It took a US military veteran to do what should have been done! Thumbs up to this guy!
Added: 3506 days ago by gungrunt
Runtime: 114.00
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God Bless the USA
The United States of America thanks the ones who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Added: 3558 days ago by firefighter1638
Runtime: 191.00
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Iraqi Suicide bombing
This is video of a suicide VBIED Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device. Watch the slow moving dump truck move toward you in the left lane. When the Iraqi Army humvees pull up the bomb is detonated. No Americans hurt.
Added: 4020 days ago by gungrunt
Runtime: 58.00
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US Air Force Joint Tactical Air Controllers in Tal Afar west of Mosul call in a Maverick air-to-ground missile on an AIF vehicle.
Added: 3986 days ago by gungrunt
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This song was written and played by an Iraq veteran Eric Keller with vocals sung by Brendan Smith. Their band is called My One Way Out. It conveys the wish of every fighting man and woman to return home safely to their spouses and families. Please pray for our troops in harms way that they too will return home alive and well. Visit Eric's web site at
Added: 3871 days ago by surg
Runtime: 218.15
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In honor of our veterans I am posting this video written and performed by Iraqi war veteran Eric Keller. God bless our military!
Added: 2952 days ago by surg
Runtime: 218.15
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Ben Stein on FOX and Friends explaining who the REAL stars are. Ben Stein is also a REAL AMERICAN. We at THANK YOU for all that you do Ben. God Bless OUR Troops!!! P.S. Give to TAPS.
Added: 3868 days ago by mawzy28
Runtime: 152.00
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Red White and Blue
Dedicated to the brave men and women of the United States of America Armed Forces.From Americas Firefighters we are on the same team. Video by Gryphon Media.
Added: 3914 days ago by firefighter1638
Runtime: 196.40
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Selfless Sacrifice
The second in a series of songs written by Eric Keller being promoted by FootyGI. Selfless Sacrifice addresses the extremely emotional issue of our fighting men and women who give their lives defending our freedom. Sung by Brendan Smith. Visit Eric's web site at
Added: 3844 days ago by surg
Runtime: 297.03
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