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612th Eng Bn Experience
Check out some of my personal experience as an IED hunter with the 612th Engineer BN in Baghdad. One of the members of Bravo Company put this video together with our pics and video while doing route clearance missions.
Added: 3749 days ago by jliv
Runtime: 221.00
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Baghdad Bomb Squad
Our unit is responsible for detonating car bombs that failed. This is one of our jobs in Baghdad.
Added: 3933 days ago by locknload
Runtime: 48.00
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Heart Stopper
US soldiers amuse themselves at the expense of two unsuspecting comrades. These guys are rolling down a Baghdad road when a fake grenade is thrown into the lap of the Buffalo arm operator. Notice how fast the driver gets to the rear of the vehicle.
Added: 3838 days ago by bunkerdown
Runtime: 19.60
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How to drive a Hummer in Iraq
This video shot from a military vehicle in Baghdad shows what happens if you dont get out of the way. Who needs sirens?
Added: 3969 days ago by surg
Runtime: 159.00
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Invading Baghdad
This is what happens when you give an Abrams M-1 tank operator a video camera a computer and a video editing program. Great footage. Great editing.
Added: 3655 days ago by bunkerdown
Runtime: 494.94
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Road Exploding
STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING - Watch the road explode in front of this US armored vehicle in a convoy north of Baghdad.
Added: 3833 days ago by locknload
Runtime: 10.88
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Sadr City night fight
US and Iraqi Special Operations Forces conduct a combat operation inside Sadr city Baghdad in order to capture known insurgents and terrorists. The operation was conducted in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Video by SSG Ryan C. Creel.
Added: 3655 days ago by locknload
Runtime: 135.07
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Sweeping the city
One of our guys videotaped our 1st Battalion 9th Cavalry 1st Division working with Iraqi forces in Talil Square Haifa Street Baghdad Iraq. Narration is by Specialist Travis Smith and 1st Lieutenant Ben Boyette of the US Army.
Added: 3593 days ago by 1stCavalry
Runtime: 1659.00
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UAV Strike on Insurgents
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle fires a Hellfire missile on six heavily armed insurgents in northeast Baghdad April 10 2008
Added: 3825 days ago by SHARK
Runtime: 91.00
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Yusufiyah ambush
One of our convoys came under fire in Yusufiyah Iraq just south of Baghdad. Our men returned fire at a house of insurgents.
Added: 3927 days ago by locknload
Runtime: 242.99
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